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FCC wants to modify rural telemedicine program

telemedicineThe FCC continues to try to drive broadband to remote areas. At its open meeting today, the commission is expected to change the rules for its $400 million program to fund broadband networks connecting rural health care providers. The funds will come from the Universal Service Fund, which has faced a fair amount of criticism lately.

Officer in pursuit! — T-Mobile backing up cops with M2M

There will be no donut jokes in this posting.

T-Mobile (NYSE:DT)has always prided itself as being on the leading edge of innovative machine-to-machine communications, embedding M2M modules ineverythingfrom children’s watches toindustrialfarm equipment. It’s latest M2M trial is no exception. T-Mobile is currently working with an unnamed police department in the US to track the movements of its patrol officers–and it’s not using GPS. Rather, the trialusesaccelerometers embedded in the officers’ flashlights to determine whether they’re running, walking or still. Embedded M2M modules then send that info over the T-Mobile GSM network to dispatch, which can use that biometric data to determine if an officer is in pursuit or–heaven forbid–incapacitated. (more…)

AT&T spends ‘more than some states’ on health care

attAT&T spends $5.5 billion annually on health care for 1.2 million employees, retirees and their dependents, AT&T’s senior vice president of compensation, benefits and policy Mike Coffey told participants on a teleconference with health care executives yesterday. That’s more than some states [spend on] Medicare, Coffey said.

The teleconference, organized by AT&T, explored how technology can help control health care costs and improve patient care. (more…)