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HomePlug, Wi-Fi aim to become smart grid’s dynamic duo

homeplugThe Wi-Fi Alliance and the HomePlug Powerline Alliance have forged a liason agreement to co-promote the adoption of their technologies and work together on interoperability between them. The pair has set their sights on the smart home and related smart grid applications. Both groups are already members of the Smart Grid Interoperability panel. (more…)

Carriers — and Dolly Parton — await FCC decision on white spaces

dollyWhat do Dolly Parton and technology developer Spectrum Bridge have in common?

Sprint looks for new business in smart grid, wholesale FMC

09-09-01 Sprint smart gridsSprint took two forays into new wireless business models today, announcing a new program to sell fixed/mobile convergence service to its wholesale VoIP customers and a deal to collaborate with Grid Net to supply smart grid connectivity over WiMax — a network to which Sprint in turns buys wholesale access from Clearwire.

Rare smart grid setback in Hawaii

palmThe movement toward smart grids seems inevitable. So it came as a bit of a surprise this week when a high-profile smart grid project seemed to hit a significant hurdle. According to BusinessWeek/Bloomberg, Hawaii regulators  rejected plans for smart grid project over concerns about the value the investment would provide to consumers. (more…)

Verizon FiOS soon to add energy, security ’smart pipe’ services

energyVerizon is starting to pull out more stops in its battle to position its FiOS data and video offerings against entrenched cable competitors. On the heels of a new no-contract FiOS option this week — and word today of high-speed fiber trials — the service provider is reportedly readying the launch of new FiOS home energy and security management services later this year, including the development of an in-home, touchscreen-based interface to control the services.

Verizon goes partnership route in smart grid bid

smarty gridVerizon Wireless this week touted both its network capabilities — including its machine-to-machine and emerging LTE broadband capabilities — as well as new software and solution partnerships to help energy providers manage their smart grid communications. Participating in this week’s Smart Grid Technology Conference & Expo in San Diego, the operator announced partnerships with Itron and Ambient Corp. to offer smart grid networks to utility providers.

WiMax smart-grid pilot comes to the U.S. — has WiMax found a niche?

gridGE today announced the first pilot program in the U.S. to run the smart grid over a WiMax network. GE said that the trial, being conducted by Michigan-based utility Consumer Energy, will have a number of benefits, including increased efficiency, more bandwidth, security, lower costs and the ability to react to potential outages before they occur. In another boon to WiMax in the U.S., GridNet, a smart-metering company that relies on the 4G technology, announced that Cisco has taken an equity investment in the company. Cisco made this investment in GridNet’s WiMax-focused business even though the company has been moving away from WiMax in other areas of its business, including base stations.

Officer in pursuit! — T-Mobile backing up cops with M2M

There will be no donut jokes in this posting.

T-Mobile (NYSE:DT) has always prided itself as being on the leading edge of innovative machine-to-machine communications, embedding M2M modules in everything from children’s watches to industrial farm equipment. It’s latest M2M trial is no exception. T-Mobile is currently working with an unnamed police department in the US to track the movements of its patrol officers–and it’s not using GPS. Rather, the trial uses accelerometers embedded in the officers’ flashlights to determine whether they’re running, walking or still. Embedded M2M modules then send that info over the T-Mobile GSM network to dispatch, which can use that biometric data to determine if an officer is in pursuit  or–heaven forbid–incapacitated. (more…)

MWC wrap-up in brief

Mobile World Congress always produces a flood of product releases as the world’s mobile vendors and developers save their big guns for the world’s largest wireless trade show. While we can’t cover ever product release at the show, here are some of the more interesting ones that caught our eye: (more…)

Google PowerMeter and the customer-ownership question

Google power meterThe smart-grid space is attracting interest from all angles, including from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and potentially even Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) building Web-based energy management tools. It might be too early to tell if these companies will shape this industry as they have others, but they are already attracting the interest of utilities, either in terms of how they can partner or how they can compete. (more…)