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One Economy CEO: 4G service deals could increase broadband subscribership

The 100 million or so U.S. households that do not subscribe to broadband today are the focus of an opinion piece written by P. Kelley Dunne, CEO of One Economy Corporation and posted at One Economy specializes in increasing broadband adoption and literacy in areas where broadband services are available but where a high percentage of residents do not subscribe to those services. (more…)

FCC offers advice on Net Neutrality compliance

Telco personnel involved in regulatory compliance had something to ponder as they roasted franks and marshmallows this past weekend. Just prior to the Fourth of July holiday, the FCC issued six pages of advice for service providers about how to comply with Net Neutrality guidelines that were issued earlier this year. (more…)

Mobile transaction eco-system worth $1 trillion by 2015 — are we ready?

Not a week seems to pass without more predictions of the size of the mobile commerce market (CP: Analysis: Follow the mobile money). This week, the Yankee Group launches a new service called Mobile Money Strategies, aimed at helping everyone in the mobile transaction eco-system to define the right strategy to take advantage of a market that they predict will grow from $241 billion in 2011 to more than $1 trillion by 2015 – compound growth of 56 percent. (more…)

Cox launches wireless (without the network) in more markets

Apparently Cox only had to cancel its plans to build its own wireless network (CP: Cox may not find any buyers for its network, but the spectrum is a different story) to get its wireless strategy really rolling. Today it said it would bring its ‘Unbelievably Fair’ mobile service to 5 new markets this year and plans to have half of its cable markets covered by the end of 2011. (more…)

Tsunami aftermath? Corning ramping up fiber production

Japan’s March tsunami was about as ill a wind as a business can face. But however ill the wind, someone somewhere usually seems to benefitand in this case, some of the beneficiaries appear to be competitors of Japan-based fiber manufacturer Sumitomo. (more…)

Facing cap impact, Netflix lets customers manage their own bandwidth

Netflix is filling up broadband pipes, both wireline and wireless (CP: Sandvine survey reveals Netflix number-one bandwidth gobbler), and if it’s not a direct response it’s at least related: broadband carriers both wireline and wireless are now instituting data caps to ensure heavy streaming video (Netflix) users don’t overwhelm their pipes. Now, Netflix has quietly put in place an optional account settings feature that lets users better control how much bandwidth they consume. (more…)

Sprint-LightSquared network sharing plans are a go, but will there be anything to share?

LightSquared and Sprint have signed a 15-year network sharing deal for a network that might never get built. LightSquared’s principle investor Harbinger Capital Partners confirmed the tie-up between current and future operators in a letter to investors first obtained by Bloomberg, but the letter only confirms what DSLReports discovered back in March. (more…)

What it means: YouTube leads Web video viewing; Netflix paid viewing

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: YouTube leads Web video viewing by a wide margin and Netflix leads PAID online video viewing by an equally large gap. That comes from a poll of Web users by Cititgroup analyst Mark Mahaney. The question is: what do those trends mean for traditional video providers, as well as the evolution of over-the-top video programming? (more…)

The LightSquared waiting game

Wednesday was supposed to be the day when all was to be made clear on LightSquared’s network interference issues. Instead we have to wait a few weeks longer. LightSquared asked the FCC for a two-week extension on filing the GPS technical working group’s study on whether the operator’s proposed long-term evolution (LTE) network will interfere with nearby GPS receivers (CP: The LightSquared enigma)and if it did, whether a fix could be implemented. (more…)

Sprint leaves the data spigot open for its first 4G tablet


Those worried their fancy new tablets will drain their bank accounts with data fees may want to consider a switch to Sprint. The carrier is alone in offering unlimited 4Gat least the WiMAX flavor of 4Gcruising timeon all of its mobile broadband plans, “including tablets,” Sprint spokesperson Kristin Wallace confirmed to Connected Planet. (more…)