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RIM waves off Amazon interest, insisting it can turn things around

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has turned down and other parties that have expressed interest in purchasing the company, Reuters is reporting. (more…)

ITC’s ruling for Microsoft, as with Apple, a disappointing win

Microsoft, like Apple, is half celebrating. The U.S. International Trade Commission made an initial ruling yesterday that Motorola is in violation of one Microsoft patent — but not six others.

Motorola is one of the last Android-using holdouts to resist paying Microsoft royalties for the OS, which includes capabilities for which Microsoft apparently holds some of the patents. HTC pays Microsoft $5 for each Android phone it activates, and Samsung is believed to pay upward of that (CP: Samsung joins HTC in paying Microsoft for Android).

Motorola general counsel Scott Offer said in a statement that Motorola is “very pleased” with the announcement, and that the determination “may provide clarity on the definition of the Microsoft 566 patent for which a violation was found and will help us avoid infringement of this patent in the U.S. market.”

He added that Microsoft is currently infringing on Motorola’s patent portfolio (soon to become Google’s patent portfolio) and that the ITC is expected to rule on the case on April 20.

“Motorola Mobility remains confident in its position and will continue to move forward with its complaints,” said Offer.

The ITC yesterday also ruled in favor of Apple, in a suit against HTC, saying that a number of HTC’s Android-running smartphones violate one Apple patent, though not others for more core features (unfiltered: Apple the victor in ITC ruling, but the spoils may go to HTC, Android). By many accounts, HTC, like Motorola, came out the real winner.

Apple the victor in ITC ruling, but the spoils may go to HTC, Android

The U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled in favor Apple, saying that some features on Android-running handsets from HTC infringe on an Apple patent. (more…)

Apple reportedly readying to conquer TV industry

Apple is getting serious about its plans to transform the way consumers interact with televisions as dramatically as it did their dealings with music and telephones. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple executives have begun talking with media executives about “their vision for the future of TV.” (more…)

We now know who deployed Carrier IQ, if not how it will all end up

In response to a U.S. Senate request for details on the use of its software, vendor Carrier IQ and partners including AT&T, Sprint, HTC, and Samsung released a list of phones on which the software is installed (see the full list below — it’s extensive). Next week, T-Mobile and Motorola will provide that information as well. (more…)

Verizon launches Galaxy Nexus, T-Mobile shares Nokia Lumia plans

710Verizon Wireless today begins selling the Samsung-made, Google-backed Galaxy Nexus. (more…)

Google’s ‘Majel’ may make Apple’s Siri feel less alone in the universe

Google is working to make a friend like Apple’s Siri for Android, and could be finished in time for the two to ring in the new year together, Android and Me is reporting. (more…)

Mobile payments not growing as fast as expected

Despite a bonanza on Black Friday and an increased use of mobiles to pay for bargains, there are still barriers to mobile commerce. According to Akamai, there were 1.845 million page views a minute on Thanksgiving night, with mobile playing a bigger role than ever. With mobile traffic representing 14.3% of visits to major sites and 9.8% of shoppers using their smartphones or tablets to make purchases, we could be forgiven for believing that mobile payments have arrived. (more…)

AT&T, says judge, needs to prove it’s not taking everyone for a ride

The latest development in the AT&T saga is that its deal to buy T-Mobile may be “near death,” Bloomberg is reporting. (more…)

International remittances to grow, but beware the fees

Remittances via mobile devices are set to reach $55 billion in 2016, most of this through traditional migration corridors, according to a new study by Juniper Research.

Currently at $12 billion, the remittance market has quietly been driving the revolution in mobile money. The main routes down which money is sent are the US and Mexico and intra-regional transfers across Africa and the Middle East. By 2016, Western Europe will become the largest mover of money as migrant populations move in. (more…)