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Net reaches 5 billion devices, driven by CE, M2M

machineSometime soon, the 5 billionth device will connect to the Internet, according to IMS Research. How to put that into perspective? Today, there are roughly 1 billion computers attached to the Net, meaning that one in five devices today is a piece of non-computer gear — things like smartphones, other wireless devices and machine-to-machine devices, as well. Beyond that, IMS Research — which tracks the installed base of Net-accessible equipment — predicts the overall number of connected devices will quadruple over the next 10 years.

Will Google/Verizon tablet competitor change the game?

tabletWord that Google and Verizon are apparently cooperating on a tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad may not be entirely surprising, but it raises some interesting questions nonetheless. Is Verizon doubling down with Google because of troubles making inroads in offering Apple products, not just the iPad but the iPhone as well? Will Google and Verizon offer different (lower) price points for the hardware? And how will Verizon’s mobile data pricing shake out as its device offerings proliferate?

What is the ‘Internet of things’?

machineOK, so maybe the telecom industry isn’t the best at naming things. If nothing else, we’re heavy on the acronyms, right?

But lately you may have seen the phrase ‘Internet of things’ bandied about. What does it mean?

Turns out it’s just a better (or should we say alternative) way to describe what the telecom industry typically calls machine-to-machine, or M2M, communications. That’s smart vehicles, appliances, industrial devices and other machines (ie, not persons) talking to one another and exchanging information to perform better and in a more “aware” fashion. (more…)

CNN Mobile synchs up with FLO TV, but not VZW

FLO TVQualcomm’s (NASDAQ:QCOM) mobile television arm FLO TV announced today it has expanded its relationship with partner Turner Broadcasting to add CNN Mobile to its channel line-up, including content from CNN US and International, HLN and The channel will be available on FLO TV’s dedicated Personal TV device, its Auto Entertainment platforms and on AT&T (NYSE:T), although not Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ, NYSE:VOD) at launch.

CNN Mobile, first introduced as an exclusive to AT&T Mobile TV subscribers in 2008, provides political, world, health and entertainment news, including from Anderson Cooper, Larry King and Robin Meade, as well as live events, one of FLO TV’s best performing content categories. AT&T’s exclusive hold on CNN Mobile still holds today, so it won’t be made available to subscribers of VZW’s V Cast Mobile TV service. (more…)

Will you buy an Apple iPad? (poll)

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) began taking iPad pre-orders today for either the Wi-Fi-only version, available on April 3, or the AT&T (NYSE:T) 3G-plus-Wi-Fi version. Some analysts are predicting shortages, while others are pointing out the reasons you should wait to buy Apple’s computing device. The Wall Street Journal even breaks down whether a Wi-Fi-only iPad or 3G version, which even AT&T doesn’t believe will be most popular, is best for you. Will you be ordering either?

Sprint’s new insurance policy

Sprint (NYSE:S) is getting into the insurance business–sort of. While it won’t be hiring actuaries or issuing policies, it will be supplying one of the key connectivity elements in one of the newest frontiers in auto liability: usage-based insurance. Sprint is partnering with Walsh Wireless to deliver M2M devices that can track how much, where and even how safely a car is driven–data which insurance companies can use to calculate personalized premiums. (more…)

First iPad commercial gets Oscar debut (video)

Steve JobsApple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) much-awaited iPad, which goes on sale April 3rd, had its commercial debut at last night’s Oscars. In true Apple fashion, the commercial featured a catchy song and a compelling demo of what the device does well, including e-reading, photos, music and email.

The tablet computing device has received a storm of media coverage, both before and after it was officially announced at the beginning of the year. Analysts have since put out multiple forecasts on iPad sales, most of which have the supply not meeting demand for the device. To name a few, Canaccord Adams analysts say production problems will limit the number of units available at launch to 300,000, while BroadPoint AmTech believes the iPad will definitely sell out in hours – much like both versions of the iPhone. (more…)

Officer in pursuit! — T-Mobile backing up cops with M2M

There will be no donut jokes in this posting.

T-Mobile (NYSE:DT) has always prided itself as being on the leading edge of innovative machine-to-machine communications, embedding M2M modules in everything from children’s watches to industrial farm equipment. It’s latest M2M trial is no exception. T-Mobile is currently working with an unnamed police department in the US to track the movements of its patrol officers–and it’s not using GPS. Rather, the trial uses accelerometers embedded in the officers’ flashlights to determine whether they’re running, walking or still. Embedded M2M modules then send that info over the T-Mobile GSM network to dispatch, which can use that biometric data to determine if an officer is in pursuit  or–heaven forbid–incapacitated. (more…)

Consumer interest in mobile nav growing, Navteq says

navteq2At least two-thirds of global consumers want an integrated GPS platform for both driving and walking, according to Nokia (NYSE:NOK)-owned Navteq. In a recent survey the digital map company conducted of more than 2,000 respondents from nine countries, consumers indicated that the most important features they care about are ones best served on a mobile platform. (more…)

Apple iPad gets official

Jobs with iPad

After months of speculation, the iPad is official! Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs took the stage today at the company’s highly anticipated press event. After some quick updates on the impressive progress Apple has made in the past year, he cut right to the chase – officially unveiling the iPad. He told attendees that it is way better than a laptop and way better than a phone, calling it the best Web experience you’ve ever seen. (more…)