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Gartner — Catching the 80 year wave

The 80 year long Information Age is moving into its second half. Technology is installed, ubiquitous, commoditized and consumerized. What now? (more…)

Cloud adoption — few cost savings reported, time for a closer look?

The cloud has been the source of clever headlines for a year or two now, but what are the experiences of the early adopters? Research firm TNS surveyed 3,645 IT decision makers around the world to find out.

The study, sponsored by CSC, found that the primary driver for moving to the cloud is not cost based, but a need for the business to be able to access information from anywhere on any device. A third of respondents cited this, or mobility, as the prime driver, with only 17% saying that cost was the driver. This reflects a larger trend towards consumerization of business as workers use a variety of devices to manage their daily work. (more…)

Mobile payments not growing as fast as expected

Despite a bonanza on Black Friday and an increased use of mobiles to pay for bargains, there are still barriers to mobile commerce. According to Akamai, there were 1.845 million page views a minute on Thanksgiving night, with mobile playing a bigger role than ever. With mobile traffic representing 14.3% of visits to major sites and 9.8% of shoppers using their smartphones or tablets to make purchases, we could be forgiven for believing that mobile payments have arrived. (more…)

International remittances to grow, but beware the fees

Remittances via mobile devices are set to reach $55 billion in 2016, most of this through traditional migration corridors, according to a new study by Juniper Research.

Currently at $12 billion, the remittance market has quietly been driving the revolution in mobile money. The main routes down which money is sent are the US and Mexico and intra-regional transfers across Africa and the Middle East. By 2016, Western Europe will become the largest mover of money as migrant populations move in. (more…)

Cable companies get a bad case of the [usage-based billing] jitters

To defend themselves against the onslaught of Netflix and Hulu, at least one cable company will implement usage based billing during 2012, Craig Moffett predicted on Bloomberg.

To defend themselves against the onslaught of….No, it doesn’t sound any better if you say it twice. (more…)

cVidya takes communications fraud prevention skills primetime

Tele-voting fraud does not instantly ring ‘state security at risk’ alarm bells but as with all fraud it can damage trust, the reputation of every player in the value chain – and cost millions. Israeli TV producer and operator Keshet taps cVidya’s fraud prevention expertize to defeat tele-voting fraud. As with most broadcasters, Keshet uses tele-voting on games and reality TV shows, where audience voting is done via phone call, SMS, web or social media channels. (more…)

The first of the top trends for 2012, including: Micro-transactions for everyone

It is the time of year when consultants and analysts bearing gifts sharpen their fingers and address their keyboards with the trends, tips and troubles that will comprise our world for the following year.

In one the first of this year’s offerings, communications and media private equity firm M/C Partners has produced its top ten for 2012. (more…)

Location, location, location — the key to context and the customer experience

The mobile locations based services (LBS) market in North America is forecast to grow from $620 million in 2010 to $ 710 million in 2016. This is partly driven by a larger installed base of GPS-enabled handsets and smartphones than elsewhere, according to research house Berg Insight. (more…)

Mobile security: Build it and they will come; open it and they will walk in

Breaches of security, particularly at giants Apple and Google make dark but compelling reading. Hack into something ‘newsworthy’ and notoriety is assured.

We live in weird times. In recent days, Juniper Networks and others have measured a 472 percent increase in malware attacks on Google’s open Android platform, reflecting in four months the increase in malware attacks in the previous year. Of the known Android malware samples, 55 percent are spyware and 44 percent are SMS Trojans that siphon unrecoverable amounts of money from customers’ accounts. This is big, disturbing news. (more…)

Aricent and Monolith bring customers and networks together

aricentCustomer experience management company Aricent and network monitoring and management company Monolith combine forces to create a tool set for faster reactions and greater customer experience. (more…)