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What’s new in mobile operator services? Try Caller ID

One of the few services that never traveled from landline phones to the mobile handset was caller ID, even though many wireline operators made a killing selling the service to residential customers. T-Mobile, however, has become the first major U.S. wireless carrier to offer the caller identification service—and the first to try to tap into its potential revenue opportunity. (more…)

Amdocs survey signals global trends; including: who’s a cyborg, centaur or space cowboy?

cyborgThe future is happening now. In a survey of 4,700 consumers across 14 countries, Amdocs unearthed insights into the real opinions of customers in a truly connected world. Conducted during May this year, respondents were sampled in North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The scale of the survey provides a valuable source of data into the behaviour of mobile phone users and the data was further analyzed by social anthropologist Dr. Massimiliano Mollona, who colorfully describes three distinct categories of mobile users – cyborgs, centaurs and space cowboys. (more…)

Sprint ad asks the question: ‘what does unlimited mean, anyway?’

2gbSprint wasted little time preparing a response to Verizon’s July 7 announcement that it will no longer offer an unlimited data plan. (CP: Verizon’s new tiered smartphone plans may normalize data charges across all devices).

The nation’s third-largest carrier, with its fears of being lost in the shuffle should AT&T’s planned $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile be approved, has released a new television ad. While AT&T and Verizon have iPhones to brag about, Sprint played its more or less only (well, there is that 4G WiMax network…) winning card: low pricing and unlimited data. (more…)

Austin, Texas, booster brainstorms how to market the mobile wallet

It’s hard to tell which one Michael Koploy is more enthusiastic about—near-field communications or his home town of Austin, Texas. (more…)

Does Verizon’s climbing iPhone 4 market share hint at what to expect this fall?

localytics smallAT&T’s July 21 earnings call may have executives singing a different tune than just a quarter ago. According to app analytics firm Localytics, Verizon now controls about one third (32%) of the U.S. Apple iPhone 4 market — a not-shabby figure, considering its slower-than-expected launch, not to mention that AT&T essentially had an 8-month lead. (more…)

Verizon providing fair warning (and plenty of it) on smartphone data overages

New and renewing VZW smartphone customers will have to start counting their gigabytage as new the carrier’s new tiered data plans go into effect today (CP: VZW’s new data plans: a gigabyte is a gigabyte is a gigabyte). That opens the door for bill shock since VZW customers are unaccustomed paying attention to their data meters. But Verizon seems dead set on heading off any potential unpleasant surprises. (more…)

AT&T’s flexible device subsidies could be a nail in Sprint’s coffin

Sprint, MetroPCS and Leap are the carriers most likely to feel the pinch of rising handset subsidies, investment firm Moody’s explained in a July 5 report that called the boom in smartphone demand a “double-edged sword for the carriers.”

The report may work to further Sprint’s case against AT&T’s proposed $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile, which would increase AT&T’s market share to the point of damaging Sprint’s ability to remain an effective competitor in the market, it has argued. (AT&T and Verizon, it’s estimated, would together control 80% of the market, should the deal be approved.) (more…)

Verizon’s new data plans: a gigabyte is a gigabyte is a gigabyte

On Thursday, Verizon Wireless will be the second U.S. operator to do away with qualified definitions of unlimited for its smartphone data plans and start charging customers for what they consume—no fine print, no asterisks. It won’t move to straight metering of data. Rather, it will follow AT&T’s lead and start selling tiered bundles of set monthly usage and charge a simple $10 a Gigabyte for anything over. (more…)

LightSquared lands another $265M for the network that may never get built

LightSquared continues to move forward with its nationwide network deployment plans, almost as if it were oblivious to the huge controversy brewing in Washington over the damage that proposed network could do to GPS services. Today it announced it had raised another $265 million in funds for its rollout. Though the quarter billion is only a fraction of what it needs to fully fund its 40,000 base station rollout, LightSquared has performed the amazing feat of raising $2.3 billion to fund a network that may never get built. (more…)

HP confirms WebOS licensing plans

webosAs the first WebOS tablet debuts in the form of the Touchpad on Friday, HP is preparing to put the operating system in a lot more devices—including devices it doesn’t make. HP CEO Leo Apotheker told Bloomberg that HP is currently in discussions with several consumer electronics manufacturers to license WebOS for their own smartphones and tablets. Bloomberg further reported that Samsung is one of the parties at the other end of those negotiations. (more…)