Reading up on smart grid communications? Be sure to check out latest IEEE newsletter.

As telcos seek to partner with utility companies to support the smart grid, it behooves them to learn as much as they can about smart grid communications.

Any telco business development exec seeking to get educated on this topic should check out a new piece in the October issue of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter titled “Keeping Guard on Power Quality for Better Quality of Service.

In the article, the author explains how real-time voltage and Var monitoring can improve the efficiency of power delivery and manage power instabilities. Var monitoring, readers will learn, is a sort of acronym for volt-amperes reactive. As the author explains:

“An effective closed-loop control scheme, based on real-time data collection, will dynamically manage power quality and prevent harmful voltage excursions that can affect quality of service, cause damage to equipment, reduce its useful life or—in the worst case scenario—lead to catastrophic failure.”

Monitoring and managing the network as the author describes requires important communications capabilities—and telcos will want to highlight the paragraph the author devotes to that topic:

“Adequately engineered communications infrastructure—frequency and latency requirements for real time data collection must be met. Converged networking requirements with other solutions must also be considered and prioritized accordingly. Avoid the need to design and build the communications network twice.”

Sounds like a piece of cake for the right telco technology team.

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