Comcast reportedly inching toward IPTV trial

comcasrlogoThe Wall Street Journal reported that Comcast is set to test an IPTV offering on a limited basis on the campus of MIT this fall. The WSJ report suggests that Comcast’s intent is to develop more advanced IP-based features to go with its TV services, and get itself in a better position to battle the competition.

The Wall Street Journal has more:

“Comcast executives say the purpose of the switch is to deliver live TV service to any device that can connect to the Internet, as they attempt to one-up online video services that offer a relatively limited amount of content on demand, not live. The new IP architecture also allows Comcast to more easily update the look and feel of its guide and add features like the ability for users to access some content from the Web—like video from Facebook— through the Comcast interface.”

Comcast and other traditional cable TV companies have been dancing around the idea of investing in IPTV for many years. To some degree, the idea of moving to an IPTV architecture is inevitable, though Comcast and others have found other ways to support some IPTV-like features in the past. What might be a little surprising is that Comcast still sounds so tentative about that evolution, speaking through an unnamed source about a relatively small trial that does not appear ready to start for several months.

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