Not being shocked by bill shock

shockingFollowing yesterday’s FCC news regarding Bill Shock, it was no shock to see the vendor community speaking up. Today, Amdocs for example, stated on their blog that the proposed regulations could actually “trailblaze a path” to what service providers have long been talking about in terms of leveraging usage and billing information for more personalization of services and self care, already increasingly available to customers through the Web and smartphones.

As noted in the blog, service providers already are doing the types of things the FCC would be calling for, but for their own reasons: to increase value to the customer while deflecting cost. Whether giving customers tools for monitoring data usage or doing it themselves and sending texts to inform their customers, the operators already are working to show the impact of changes or modifications to plans on bills, or even beforehand in text messages or email updates.

And so, perhaps we can all stop being “shocked” by whatever regulators ask for in terms of “bill shock” as the wheels are already in motion because of industry drivers.

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