Verizon’s Droid X Blockbuster app augments multi-screen OTT

blockbusterIn unveiling the Droid X with Motorola this week, Verizon Wireless also announced a movie download app for the video-ready smartphone: Blockbuster On Demand. The app will allow Droid X users to download movies the day they are available for release and watch them on the phone’s 4.3-inch screen, as well as share them with other devices, including computers, equipped with the Blockbuster On Demand service.

This Verizon Wireless press release has more:

“Getting movies and television shows from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand presented by V CAST Video is simple. Located on the application tab on DROID X, customers can browse and search for movies using Verizon Wireless’ leading 3G data network. Customers will be able to sign up for a Blockbuster account directly from the phone, and within minutes can be renting and buying movies. Downloading content to DROID X requires a Wi-Fi connection.”

osheaiconConnected Planet’s take,
Dan O’Shea:

Verizon and Blockbuster both are making an interesting bet about the willingness of consumers to download (albeit, via Wi-Fi) and watch long-form content on smartphones. Netflix has made movies on demand available to the iPad, but the Droid X screen, while large for a phone, will test how small users will go for entertainment.

But, more broadly, this move may give us a glimpse at the future path for over-the-top video strategies. The OTT video market has been flooded with new players, devices and strategies, along with established brands like Blockbuster and Netflix, which are trying to save their legacy businesses and tie them to future OTT video success.

Meanwhile, as telcos increasingly embrace OTT models and partnerships, they need to find a point of competitive differentiation that separates them from the every other TV service providers looking to get into the business. Multi-screen sharing from mobile phones to computers to TVs could be the key. Making the smartphone part of the OTT play could help not only Verizon, but also Blockbuster stand out from the OTT masses.

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6 Responses to “Verizon’s Droid X Blockbuster app augments multi-screen OTT”

  1. Jake says:

    One major point here that was missed is the ability to put these downloaded videos on your tv via HDMI. This is what makes it nice imo. Grab a movie for the fam without having to go to the movie store.

  2. Chris Hynes says:

    What is bothersome is Verizon’s lack of respect fro customers. After looikng at Blockbuster’s product offering, I found I could not delete the app. Blockbuster says to talk to Verizon. Verizon says it’s the manufacturer, but I doubt that Motorola puts anything on the phone without Verizon’s approval. PCs come with a lot of junk, but you can get rid of the stuff you don’t want. It is absolutely unjustifiable to load the phone with non-essential software that can’t be deleted. I won’t do any business with Blockbuster until this is fixed.

  3. droid x says:

    Thank you for the information. I’ve had my Droid X for approximately every week or so. I find it irresistible and it really works great. I didn’t do any updates to it yet. I think I will wait. Still seeking to master all of its functions. I take advantage of to have the LG Dare and I believed that may be also an excellent phone.

  4. You got to know that these major corporations do deals with each other before products are released. Blockbuster needs a way out of bankruptcy. Blockbuster took to long to get with the new technology, so they are trying to make up for it by making a deal with the newest and best phone which we all know is the Droid. That’s why you can’t get delete blockbuster’s application.

  5. I wont rent 1 single movie from blockbuster either until someone gets this app off my droid x and quits that kind of thinking!

  6. Curtis says:

    The blockbuster app is taking up prime space on my home screen. It bumped my dialer. It has access to my location and all info on my phone. I can’t move or delete it. I plan to delete my verizon if they don’t get it off my phone. Hate.

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