Adobe talks back about Apple, HTML5 (video)


Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) used last month’s Mobile World Congress to outline its plans for Flash 10.1 as and Android, but the company has been in an increasingly tight spot when it comes to Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)-competitor Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

Apple CEO Steve Jobs first slighted Adobe’s Flash Player when he excluded it from the announced features on Apple’s much-hyped new iPad. But this wasn’t surprising considering Apple also blocked it from the iPhone, for which Adobe has used workarounds to enable. Jobs also reportedly unleashed on Flash, calling it buggy and ridden with security holes (as well as lazy, old and a “CPU hog”), at a Wall Street Journal iPad demo last month.

Social media blog Mashable sat down with Adobe’s product manager for Flash Aaron Filner to give him a chance to fire back at Apple, as well as weigh on the (misguided?) war between Flash and HTML 5. Check out the video below.

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