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Red Bee Media and Cisco Collaborate on Video Platform

Cisco and Red Bee Media, an international media management company, announced they’re collaborating to offer broadcasters and media companies the means to deliver TV and other forms of digital media content online through streaming video players and video-on-demand (VoD) portals.

The online video market has become a key component of broadcasters’ channel mix, and is a primary distribution point for media companies and content owners.

First generation streaming video solutions met the needs of the early market, but consumers now expect expanded choices with greater availability. Cisco and Red Bee Media’s partnership will deliver on the demand for new and improved services that bring together media expertise with video leadership.

Connecting Viewers to Digital Content on Any Screen

- Cisco and Red Bee Media are collaborating to create ‘RedPlayer‘ — a scalable solution for the media sector, geared towards customers with specific requirements for scale of content, monetization, security, encryption, high quality, and availability across multiple devices.

- Customers using RedPlayer will be able to offer consumers more choice, expanded access and greater flexibility with where and how they access and view content.

- The RedPlayer service offering combines Red Bee Media’s creative, digital content and media management services with key elements of the Cisco Videoscape platform, creating a one-stop shop for content owners to build and expand highly secure, ‘Media Grade’ video offerings.

- The new RedPlayer services portfolio will include the Cisco Videoscape Media Suite — the industry’s first enterprise-class software platform for powering multi-content digital media services, and the Videoscape Soft Client (video streaming and download players for the PC/Mac), that provides management, display, and playback features for digital media content.

- RedPlayer incorporates Red Bee Media’s proven track record in delivering media grade managed services for the media sector on a global scale — ranging from media management and multi-platform content preparation — to creative services for enhancing the consumer experience through innovative user interface (UI) designs, digital rights management (DRM) and content protection services.

- The Cisco Videoscape Media Suite products include: Content Management System (CMS), Entitlement (provides tools for configuring and enforcing content access rules), Publisher (to produce comprehensive, multilevel content feeds and playlists).

- The Videoscape Soft Clients provide a premium TV and digital media experience to PCs and Macs so consumers can stream or download TV and other digital media programs — and manage complex media bundles. They are enabled through the Videoscape cloud platform, and include a world class reference user interface (UI/UX) with consistent visual themes, tailored to each device.

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